Math (Brady??)

Can you please show me how?
What is the value of x?
x+4= -9

asked by Anonymous :D
  1. x+4=-9

    subtract 4 from both sides and that should give you the answer

    posted by Anonymous
  2. @ Anonymous,
    Is it -13?
    Anonymous :D

    posted by Anonymous :D
  3. x=-13

    posted by Anonymous
  4. yes it is

    posted by Anonymous
  5. @ anonymous. Thank you so much!!

    posted by Anonymous :D
  6. Your welcome.

    posted by Anonymous
  7. @ Anonymous. Can you help me with more.
    If so, give me a couple of minutes.

    posted by Anonymous :D
  8. Sorry Anonymous. I have 2 jet. I'll post a new question l8er and maybe u can answer that.
    Anonymous :D

    posted by Anonymous :D

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