1. What were the Townshend Acts? (1 point)
-The British put taxes on imported goods such as tea and glass. (answer)
-The British put taxes on hotels and other lodging accommodations.
-The British put taxes on newspapers, magazines, and official licenses.
-The British put taxes on all goods not exported or imported on British ships.

2. Which statement BEST explains why anti-British sentiment was less in South Carolina than in many other colonies? (1 point)
-South Carolina was not as successful as the other colonies, and it could not afford to raise funds to fight the British.
-South Carolina had more British settlers than the other colonies, which made the colony more loyal to Great Britain. (answer)
-South Carolina was a younger colony than most of the others; as a result, it still needed much support from Great Britain.
-South Carolina was less affected by a number of British laws and was permitted to continue to trade its staple rice crop.

3. How did the colonial boycott on British goods affect the mother country? (1 point)
-Great Britain maintained its profits by increasing the prices on its goods.
-Great Britain maintained its profits by trading with colonies in the West Indies.
-Great Britain lost profits because its American colonies would not buy its goods. (answer)
-Great Britain lost profits because it could not manufacture enough goods to meet the demand.

4. Which reason was NOT given by the British merchants as an argument for Parliament to repeal its tax laws? (1 point)
-The merchants were tired of having their ships seized. (answer)
-The merchants were losing profits because of the boycott.
-The merchants’ storage facilities were filled with products they could not sell.
-The merchants were having to pay higher taxes on the products they produced.

5. How did South Carolinians help Bostonians after the passage of the Intolerable Acts?
(1 point)
-They sent money.
-They sent rice. (answer)
-They sent ships.
-They sent troops.
Please help check my answers !!!!!

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  1. I disagree with your answer for 4.


    I believe your other answers are correct.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Uhm... what about number 4???

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  3. 2 is not right it is the last one

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  4. A

    100% correct

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  5. asdfghjkl is correct 100%

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  6. Ajzjshshsj is right

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  7. ajzjshshsj thank you 100%

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  8. Random characters (im not taking the time to write that) is correct, I got a 100% on the assessment using those answers. also, cj, screw off please.

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  9. Yes you are right

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  10. thanks so much lol you da best ;)

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