Educational Tech.

In your presentation you added a text box to what?
A. Cite a source
B. Insert a footer
C. Insert a header
D. Insert a footnote
I would say C am I right?

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  1. I need extreme help on this and fast. I don't have a book and ive been through all of my papers.

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  2. What program are you using?

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  3. Microsoft 2007 if that's what you mean,

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  4. Microsoft what?



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  5. Microsoft Word 2007? If that's what you mean.

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  6. Headers and footers in Word have their own commands, and do not need separate text boxes. Click on the View menu and find the Headers and footers link.

    Same with footnotes, whether to add commentary or to cite a source. In the Insert menu ...

    I would say "none of the above."

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  7. It has no none of the about it just has the answer choices i posted

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  8. Then flip a coin, I guess.

    It's a bad question, in my opinion.

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  9. I have an F in this class, I really need help with this.

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  10. I'm sorry ... I can't see a right answer in that list.

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  11. These are the answers that are on this paper. What should I do?
    p.s I cant afford to guess.

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  12. I guess go with C.

    I also suggest you point this out to your instructor ... it's a bad set of answer choices.

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  13. it was A :( I got it wrong

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  14. The answer is A. cite a source (your references).

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