Riding on a school bus are 20 students in 9th grade, 10 in 10th grade, 9 in 11th grade, and 7 in 12th grade. Approximately what percentage of the students on the bus are in 9th grade?

asked by jenna
  1. 20/45 = ?

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Wouldn't it be 20/46?
    Since 20+10+9+7= 46 which is the total of students.
    And since you are trying to find what percentage of them are 9th graders it's 20.
    So 20/46= 0.43 which is 43%
    So the answer is 43% of the students on the buss are 9th graders.

    posted by alyssa
  3. 43.47826087 actually mate

    posted by Ben sheepysheep
  4. 20+10+9+7=46
    20/46= .43

    posted by Rome
  5. x-6 is greater than -6 and x over 6 is less than equal to 1 what would it equal

    posted by celeste
  6. 20+10+9+7=46
    There are 20 students in 9th Grade.
    The percentage of students in the ninth grade riding the bus are 43%.

    posted by Allison
  7. solve(sin(pi/2 -(20/a)*((1-(20/a)^2)^.5)))

    posted by soso
  8. find the dividing polynomials

    posted by gagan
  9. When a trinomial is factored as (x + m)(x + n), what is the sum of m and n?

    A. The coefficient of the x-term of the trinomial
    B. The constant term of the trinomial
    C. The degree of the trinomial
    D. The coefficient of the x2-term of the trinomia

    posted by pop
  10. the opposite angles of parallelogram are 3x minus 2 and x plus 48 degree . find the mesurment of each angle

    posted by khan
  11. 43%

    posted by Vicki
  12. m+n=A/D

    posted by aa
  13. 43%

    posted by Shivam
  14. 43% of the students are of the 9th grade

    posted by Glen
  15. 43.478260869565217391304347826087% of the students are in 9th Grade

    posted by Bob
  16. 43%

    posted by Laura
  17. -82+27/72

    posted by wanda
  18. 1-n/5=12

    posted by Anonymous
  19. when 3x -2x +1 is subtracted from 2x + 7x +5 the result well be

    posted by king
  20. 20

    posted by Aaliyah
  21. How do you do this problem f(x)=3x6+2x3-176;c=-2

    posted by David
  22. questions 3 :- Mrs. Scott decided that she would spend no more than $120 to buy a jacket and a shirt.

    posted by mayra
  23. 20+10+9+7=46

    20/46 = .43478261

    .43478261x100 = 43.5%

    43.5% are ninth graders

    posted by Chris
  24. 1+3

    posted by Anonymous
  25. 43%are 9th graders

    posted by Abbigail lol
  26. The area of an isosceles triangle EFG is 60m2 and EF=EG=13m.find the measure of FG?

    posted by bhagyasrinivas
  27. -(##2&!)9?

    posted by kenesa dereje
  28. 43.478%

    posted by Alex
  29. One week James worked his regular 40 hours and 4.75 hours of overtime. If his regular hourly rate is $5.50 per hour, what was his gross pay for the week?

    posted by Anonymous
  30. An elephant walks westward at a speed of 4 miles per hour (mph) through a flowing river. The river flows south at a fixed speed of 10 mph. The path of the elephant is perpendicular to the flow of the river. What is the resultant magnitude of these two velocity vectors? Choose the closest answer.

    posted by Anonymous
  31. Determine the domain and range of

    posted by Mrs. Dearing
  32. the volume of a cube varies directly as the cube of its edge. How many times will volume compare to the original is tripled

    posted by jannjann
  33. 5%

    posted by anonymus
  34. 2x+3y=46 3x+5y=74

    posted by Harman
  35. How many square inches of giftwrap will be needed to cover a box that is 4in x 6in x 2in? In your final answer, include all of your calculations.

    posted by emily villela
  36. 20+10+9+7=46
    % of G9 students=20/46*100=43.478260%

    so the percentage of 9th graders onthe bus is

    posted by Annan Dejene
  37. Marta’s math textbook weighs mc017-1.jpg of a pound less than 4 times the weight of the book she is reading for her language arts class. If the weight of the math textbook is mc017-2.jpg pounds, which shows the correct equation and value of x, the weight of Marta’s book for language arts?

    posted by kendrick

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