The average price of a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline was reported to be $2.34 in Northern Kentucky use this price as a population mean population standard deviation is $.20. question. what is the probability that the mean price for a sample of 30 station is good then $.03 of the population mean?

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  2. Even though u shown me Damon but how would the formula be set up I just want to know for future reference

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  3. mean = 2.34

    sd = .2

    z = + or - .03/.2

    look for probability of being within z = +/- .15 of mean

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  4. Soo Damon do I plug in the mean within the problem cause I'm still lost

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  5. Or Damon do I divide .03/2 to come up with -/+ answers?

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  6. Now Damon I figure out that soo now do I take the mean and the probability and divide that again?

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