Physics MCAT, Help please

A box of mass m = 6kg slides with speed v = 4 m/s across a frictionless floor. It suddenly explodes into two pieces. One piece, with mass m1 = 2kg moves in the same direction with speed v1 = 8m/s. Find the velocity of the second piece.

Its answer is 2 m/s , but I don't know how to solve it, my answer was 4 m/s, see how I solved it.

Solution: Mass 6 kg, splits into m1=2kg and m2=4kg, v1= 8m/s, v2=?

m1 v1 = m2 v2
(2) (8) = (4) (v2)

16/4 = V2
v2= 4 m/s

BUT THE ANSWER IS 2 m/s , so what was my mistake that cost me wrong answer , please help me.

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  1. original momentum = 6 * 4 = 24

    final momentum = 2 * 8 + V * 4

    16 + 4 v = 24

    4 v = 8

    v = 2 m/s

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  2. @damon , thanks sir

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  3. thank sir

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  4. I was also searching this . It helped me

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