what do coefficents represent in a balanced equation?

What would removing air from a sealed container do to the container?

What does it mean that "like dissolves like"?

Dissolving a solute in a solvent does what to the solven'ts freezing and boiling points?

What must be true for a reaction to occur spontaneoulsy?

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  1. (a) Coefficients represent molecules, or formula units, or moles, depending on the situation.
    (b) Removing air from a sealed container reduces the pressure inside it. How this affects the container, depends on the strength and rigidity of the container.
    (c) Polar solvents dissolve polar and ionic solutes and nonpolar solvents dissolve nonpolar solutes.
    (d) The freezing point of a solution is always lower than the freezing point of the pure liquid.
    (e) Spontaneous reactions have low activation energy

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  2. THANK YOU!!!!! :)

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