A ball moving with a speed of 9 m/s strikes an identical stationary ball such that after the collision the dierection of each ball makes an angle of 30° with the original line of motion. Find the speeds of the two balls after the collision.

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  1. u1 =9m/s,u2 =0
    Initial momentum = Final momentum along original line of motion Mx9+mx0=mv1cos30+mv2 cos30
    v1 +v2 =6√3m/s
    Direction perpendicular to the original line
    0 = mv1sin30 – mv2sin30
    v1 = v2
    v1 =v2 =3√3m/s
    Total K.E before collision = 1⁄2 x mx 92
    = 40.5 m
    After collision = 1⁄2 mx (3√3)2 + 1⁄2 x m x (3√3)2
    = 27 m K.E is not conserved.

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  2. u1=9m/s, u2=0
    along the vertical,
    along the horizontal,

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  3. Thnx a lot for ur help 😊......

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