Social Studies

What are some differences between the European and Taino (Native American) ways of life and cultures?
Desperate for anything. I've been researching for hours but can't find ANYTHING.

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  1. Read this article about the Taino culture carefully.

    What differences do you see between it and what you know about European culture?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. What are some differences between the European and Taino (Native American) ways of life and cultures?

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  3. They did not have anything in common at all the only thing they did not speak the same language.

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  4. Differences between Taíno and European Lifestyles
    • Europeans ate food like Cows and their milk, oats and rye, black pepper and cinnamon, cloves; while the Taíno people ate foods like birds, fish, a corn, etc.
    • Europeans lived in houses of brick, stone, etc.; while Taíno people lived in houses (or slept in hammocks) of sticks, stones, leaves and other outdoor materials.
    • Also they believed in different gods that the Europeans didn’t know of.

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  5. eating styles
    leadership ( Europe had kings and Taino had chiefs)

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  6. they spoke different languages, taino bathed a lot while spanish didn't, but they both were accomplished sailors

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