a skateboarder traveling at 7.0 meters per second rolls to a stop at the top of a ramp in 3.0 seconds. what is the skateboarders acceleration? is 2.3m/s correct

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  1. your numeral answer is correct (actually -7/3)

    As I noted in an earlier post, since it asks for the skater's "acceleration" and he slows down to a stop ,
    your answer should be expressed as a negative
    a = -2.3

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  2. I think your should get 39.32

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  3. -2.3m/s2

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  4. What is the answer

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  5. negative 2.3m/s2

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  6. yesssssssesseseseseseeseeesseseeesesesees

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  7. A skateboarder traveling with an initial velocity 9.0 meters per second, what is its final velocity, if with an acceleration of 4 m/s2 completed a time of 4.0 seconds? *

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  8. MEREYI its 40 m/s

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