Chem (ques 2)

The analysis of some household cloudy ammonia cleaner involved diluting a 50.0mL sample of the cleaner to a volume of 250.0mL then titrating this diluted solution.

The diluted sample was found to have an NH3 (aq) concentration of 0.350 mole per L. What is the percentage by mass of NH3 (aq) in the original cloudy ammonia cleaner if it has a density of 0.986g per mL?

well, one diluted ti five times, so the original concentration must have been 5*.350M.

PercentMass= masssolute/masstotal * 100
= molesSolute*molmassNH3/(densitysolution*volumesolution) * 100

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  1. Need help to calculate chemistry problem

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