A compound containg 3 atoms of carbon and 8 atoms of hydrogen is combined in a reaction with oxygen molecules. The two end products of this equation are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. What element should you look at first in balancing this equation? Is the answer a.b.c or d?
a. oxygen
b. hydrogen
c. carbon
d. Dioxide
When you have finished balancing the equation for the above question, which chemical element will have the largest number of molecules in your balanced equation? choose a. b. c. or d?
a. the C3H
b. the oxygen
c. the carbon dioxide
d. the water

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  1. You or another person posted this same question earlier. You can scroll down a few questions to find it. Tell me what you don't understand about balancing equations. I answered #1 for the previously posted question that it hardly matters where one starts in balancing an equation. Any place is as good as any; some are better than others. In the spirit of the question, however, I answered that I would start with C.

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  2. Cant you be appropriate?

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  3. Which chemical or element will have the largest number of molecules in your balance equation?

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