Three solutions
56.0 mL of 0.2 M KNO3;
57.0 mL of 0.6 M Ca(NO3)2; and 57.0 mL of 0.325 M KCl
were poured together to make one new solution. What is the concentration of Cl− after mixing?

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  1. mols = M x L
    Only KCl has Cl^- so that has been diluted from 57.0 mL to 57.0+57.0 + 56.0 = 170 mL.
    New concn is 0.325 x (56.0/170) = ?

    Another way is to find mols Cl^-. That is M x L = 0.325 x 0.057L = ?
    Then M KCl = mols KCl/L solution = (0.325*0.057)/(0.056+0.057+0.057)

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