Please check my answer. I'm not sure which is right because I'm pretty sure every father feels the need to do all of the below.

Read the following sentence from "No Dogs Bark."

"I'll get you to Tonaya. There I'll find somebody to take care of you. They say there's a doctor in town. I'll take you to him. I've already carried you for hours, and I'm not going to leave you here now for somebody to finish off."

What is the author's main purpose for including these words spoken by the father?
a.) to show the father's emotional commitment to his son
~ my answer ~ b.) to emphasize the father's determination to find help for his son
c.) to highlight the father's sense of hope that his son will survive
d.) to indicate that the father feels obligated to help his son

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  1. I agree.

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  2. A. D. B. A. B. C. A. A. C. B. B. D. E. A. C. D. C. A. C. A. D. B. B. C. C.
    i just took the test. these should be right okie ^.^

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  3. plzzzz tell me if its the truth

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  4. is this for english 10 lesson 9 the literature of the americas unit test unit 1 the literature of the americas

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  5. its right

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