You are going to take a quiz. I'll distribute exam papers. You should write down the answers. Fill in the blanks with suitable expressions.
Take one and pass the others to the other students. First write down your number and name on the top of the paper. You have 3 minutes left. OK, everybody. Let's check the answers. I'll write down the answers on the blackboard. Check them. How many students got 10 points? Raise your hands if you have written down all the correct answers. OK. 10 students. Good job.
When we make them take a test, we can use the above expressions. Would you check them,please? If there are not suitable expressions, correct them, please.

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asked by John
  1. All sound correct except for one sequence.

    If you are going to have students take a quiz, then you will be distributing the quizzes, not the exams.

    Otherwise ... fine!

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