social studies HELP

Check my answers please
1. Politics most informs a persons actions in
a. Civic life ***
b. work life
c. private life
d. school life

2. Which of the following best describes the purpose of the US Constitution?
a. it restricts the rights of citizens
b. it outlines how the government should make laws ****
c. it establishes a national bank
d. it outlines basic rights for the people of all nations of the world

3. Which sentence best contrasts limited and unlimited governments?
a. laws restrict limited governments, but not unlimited governments ****
b. Constitutions define unlimited government, but not limited governments
c. Citizens vote in unlimited governments, but not in limited governments
d. governments make laws in limited government, but not in unlimited governments

4. Which scenario best demonstrates the interaction between civic and private life?
a. citizens organize a political rally
b. citizens attend a community festival
c. citizens pay for a community trash collection
d. citizens vote for a law to provide recycling services ****

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  1. Yay! All are right.

  2. Woohoo I am learning something Thank you Ms. Sue!!

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  3. :-)

    You're welcome, Taylor.

  4. boiboiboi

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  6. Which activity is part of Civic rather than private life

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  7. 1a

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  8. Hailey is right 100% thank you!

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  9. 1.AAAA

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