On an EKG strip a nurse determines that a patient's heart is beating 5 times every 4.5 seconds.

Calculate the time for each heart beat.

I don't really understand what the question is asking for? Is it looking for how often the beats will occur (4.5/5)= 0.9 seconds??? Or is it looking for
0.9sec= beat 1
1.8sec= beat 2
2.7sec= beat 3
3.6sec= beat 4
4.5sec= beat 5

Calculate the patient's heart rate in beats/min. Hint: divide 60 by the time per beat.

Beat 1= 67 beats/min
Beat 2= 33 beats/min
Beat 3= 22 beats/min
Beat 4= 17 beats/min
Beat 5= 13 beats/min

Thank You!

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  1. 5/4.5 = 10/9 = x/60

    Solve for x.

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