The price of a stock, A(x), over a 12-month period decreased and then increased according to the question A(x)= 0.75x2-6x+20, where x equals the number of months. The price of another stock, B(x), increased according to the equation B(x)=2.75x+1.50 over the same 12-month period. Graph and label both equations on the accompanying grid. State all prices, to the nearest dollar, when both stock values were the same.

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  1. We cannot draw graphs for you here. That is an exercise you should do yourself.

    The prices are the same when
    0.75 x^2 -6x + 20 = 2.75 x + 150
    which can be rewritten
    0.75 x^2 -8.75 x -130 = 0

    Solve for x using the quadratic equation and use the value(s) of x that you get to calculate the price. Ignore any negative x values

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  2. 26

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  3. $9 and $26

    I found this using graphs and intersections.

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