World History Answer Check

1. Explain how the Code of Hammurabi influences politcal thought.

A: The Code of Hammurabi influenced political thought because it was the first written code of law ever created. It was a very effective way to keep order and prevent conflict and was thus used a a template for future civilizations' laws. Furthermore, Hammurabi's code gave tofay's government the basics for punishing citizens for their crimes. Although the Code of Hammurabi gave more extreme punishments, it taught the government that every crime must have its own punishment.

2. Explain how the systems of government in Sparta and Athens influences Western political thought. Be sure to discuss how the two systems differed.

A: Sparta government influenced Western political thought as it essentially created the idea, or concept, of a consititional monarchy--a form of democratic government in which a monarch acts as a non-party politcal head of state within the boundaries of a constitution but does not set public policy or choose political leaders. Unlike Sparta, Athens had a direct democracy which also influened Western political thought. For without the Athenians developing direct democracy, we might not have had democracy as we know it today.

3. How did the governments favored by Plato and Aristotle differ? Which view makes more sense to you?

A: Plato believed that the government or state consisted of three layers. He believed that the average people were the lower class with the warriors or protectors of the state serving as the middle class. According to Plato, pholosophers-kings then made up the upper class. However, unlike Plato, Aristotle believed the states to be like a living organism. He believed that a society consisted of various parts, and each had a function in establishing a political system. Thus, Aristotle's view of how a government should be makes more sense to me.

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  4. 3. The government favored by Plato consisted of classes and categorization, whereas Aristotle's favored form of government was a constitutional one. Thus, Aristotle's view makes more sense to me.

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