Please help and correct!

1. Use "in the garage" as an adjective phrase
The card in the garage is for you

2. Use "for our English class" as an adverb phrase
The paper is due tomorrow for our English class.

3. Use "from an encyclopedia" as an adjective phrase
Choose one topic from an encyclopedia

4. Use "by train" as an adverb phrase
We are leaving tomorrow by train

5. Use "walking by the lake" as a participial phrase
Waking by the lake, the bird went away

6. Use "playing the piano" as gerund phrase that is the subject of a verb
Playing the piano will improve your music skills

7. Use "to hit a home run" as an infinitive phrase that is the direct object of a verb
How to hit a home run after your tired?

8. Use "to find the answer to that question" as an infinitive phrase acting as a adverb
I know how to find the answer to that question.

9. Use "the new student in our class" as an appositive phrase
Sophia, the new student in our class, is awesome!

10. Use "my favorite writer" as an appositive phrase
Sara, my favorite writer is brilliant

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asked by Sarah
  1. 2. No. The phrase modifies paper
    5. OK - but the content is silly.
    7. No.

    The rest are correct.

    Be sure to put commas both before and after appositive phrases.

  2. No one was in the garage to help clean

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