you will develop a project that communicates to people something about your world. i don't mean planet earth i mean the circumstances in which you find yourself on a daily basis your project should include information about many different parts of your life. you might choose to include :

tv shows

your goal is to communicate something about your way of life to those who don't go through what you do

there are two parts of your project:
visual:complete a collage poster, diorama, presentation, etc
written: complete a poem, essay, short story, day-in-the life
autobiography, etc

is this ok:

My name is Reina Bonilla and this is my story. I was born in a small country named El Salvador, where I was raised by my aunt up until I was three years old. That's when my parents brought me to the United States. Not knowing who they were I ran away from them, little by little, however I soon got accustomed to them. A year later I started pre-k where I hated it, I didn't know English and I didn't know anybody, but like always you have to overcome your fears, soon after I loved it. My favorite time was when we got to paint, although I admit I was quite the trouble maker. When December arrived I experienced my first snow storm, it was quite fascinating; I had never seen any of my surroundings so white. It was something I enjoyed greatly, however, I would always get sick. As a young girl I was always fascinated with music, it was my only escape to the world when things were going rough. Especially after I was diagnosed with asthma. They were rough years for me, I couldn't do a lot of activities that most kids would do, and well, most of all I couldn't get close to anything that had fur since that affected me the most. Sometimes not even my personal doctor could help me and in many occasions I was sent to the hospital, the good thing though was that I experienced how it felt to be in an ambulance. Throughout my life I have had my ups and downs just like everybody else, but I always try to overcome them and learn from my experiences. Now a days I still enjoy music, but I have also developed new interests like playing basketball, taking long walks in the park, playing tag with my little cousins, and drawing. I also love to read whether it be mystery, romance, action, if it's interesting, then I'm ready to discover it.

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asked by reina
  1. Your content is good.

    Now, correct your run-on sentences. You also have an incomplete sentence.

  2. ok thank you, so i pretty much did what i was asked, like the goal to this assignment should i add more or is it ok like that?

    and i also have to do a poster that communicated something about your world to those outside of it
    it the second part to this assignment what can i put like a picture of a basketball, drawing music and overall stuff that i like to do?

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    posted by reina
  3. Yes.

  4. ok thank you so much

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    posted by reina
  5. You're very welcome.

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