You have $9, one of your friends has $10, and two of your other friends each have $13. You combine your money to buy arcade tokens. You use a coupon to but 8 tokens for $1. The cost of the remaining token is four for $1. You and your friends share the tokens evenly. How many tokens does each person get?

I'm confused on how to get the total amount of tokens. I only know that the total amount of money they have. Do I multiply or divide?

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asked by Zero
  1. Together you have $45.

    You buy 8 tokens for $1.00

    You now have $44.

    (44 * 4) + 8 = _____ tokens

  2. So it is 184 right?

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    posted by Zero
  3. Yes. You'd have 184 tokens.

  4. I got a Question, You and your friends share the tokens evenly. How many tokens does each person get? I don't get it.

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    posted by Pie
  5. Its Your Mom

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    posted by Lier
  6. its 46 thx for the help

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    posted by Jack

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