living enviroment

write 8 ways you could apply science safety rules in your kitchen at home.

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asked by tom
  1. I'll be glad to add to your list.

    What have you already thought of?

  2. never leave the fire on the stop unattended

    wash your hands after dealing with bacteria or anything dirty

    if there is broken glass don't pick it up with your bare hands

    always wear cooking mittens while dealing with hot objects

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    posted by tom
  3. Those are good.

    Be sure to read the labels of ingredients you are going to eat.

    No running or horseplay in the kitchen.

    Handle knives and other sharp objects carefully.

    Don't wear loose shirts that could catch fire or accidentally be dipped in the food.

  4. thank you so much

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    posted by tom
  5. You're very welcome.

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