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3. According to the text, today’s public relations firms offer all the following services EXCEPT:

executive speech training.
research and evaluation.
advertising placement.
events management.

Question 4. 4. All of the following are examples of the public relations emphasis in a large, complex organization EXCEPT:

news conferences.
writing executive speeches.
routine news releases.
formal contact with the media.

Question 5. 5. Which of the following is NOT one of Ivy Lee’s four important contributions to public relations?

product positioning.
dealing with top executives and seeking active support and contributions of management.
maintaining open communication with news media.
emphasizing the necessity of humanizing business.

Question 6. 6. In this response, the crisis minimized with a statement that no serious damage or injuries resulted. Sometimes, the blame is shifted to the victims, as was the case in the Firestone recall?

attack the accuser.

Question 7. 7. What is not a life cycle phase of conflict management?

proactive phase.
conflict phase.
strategic phase.
recovery phase.

Question 8. 8. What sector offers public relations professionals the highest median salary?

health care
financial services

Question 9. 9. What is not recommended as a way to communicate during a crisis?

put the organization first.
take responsibility.
designate a single spokesperson.
provide constant flow of information.

Question 10. 10. The public relations field is most extensively developed in

Hong Kong.
United States.

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