Write whether each underlined word js an adverb (adv.) or an adjective (adj.). Then, draw a line to the word it modifies.

1. The gates leading into the abbey were bolted and (firmly) sealed.

A: Adverb (modifies sealed).

2. The Prince entertained his (lighthearted) friends with poets, dancers, music, and food.

A: Adjective (modifies friends).

3. While the plague raged (furiously) abroad, the Prince held a magnificent masked ball.

A: Adverb (modifies raged).

4. The effect of the reddish light streaming into the seventh room was (ghastly).

A: Adjective (modifies room).

5. At the chime of the ebony clock, the revelers were still and (silent).

A: Adjective (modifies revelers).

6. (Unimpeded), the masked figure passed within a yard of the Prince.

A: Adjective (modifies figure).

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  1. 4. Ghastly is an adjective that modifies effect.

  2. the battle between the countries lasted three weeks

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