The dimension of a closed cuboid box are in the ratio 5:4:3 if the total surface area is 0.94m^2,find the dimension of the box.

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  1. length 5x
    ends 4x by 3x

    two sides 5x by 4x -->2*5x*4x = 40x^2
    top and bottom 5x by 3x --> 2*5x*3x = 30x^2
    two ends 2*4x*3x =24x^2
    94 x^2 = .94
    x^2 = .01
    x = .1
    .5 * .4 * .3

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    posted by Damon
  2. Please check ur annwer again

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    posted by jassica
  3. Awarsome

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  4. Wronge

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