French I

We're just learning how to use adjectives and I am a little confused.

"A blue piece of paper"

I know a piece of paper is "une feuille de papier". And blue is "bleu"

Since feuille is feminine you would say bleue but papier is masculine. Where does the bleue go? I hope my question makes sense

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  1. I would say:
    "une feuille de papier bleu"
    as far as I can see the "blue" pertains to "paper" not the "piece" - thus the masculine form.

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  2. Thank you both for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum.

    correct! If it modified "une feuille" it would be bleue. But, as it modifies "le paper" it is bleu.


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  3. A little "review" on adjectives, so perhaps you will be less confused.

    When you learn the nouns, learn the gender; that means is it le (masculine) or la (feminine) and that means l' words (l'histoire, for example) will be a bit more difficult.

    French adjectives agree in gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural) with the noun(s) or pronoun(s) they modify. An adjecive modifying two or more nouns of different genders is in the masculine plural. Most adjectives (not all) have 4 forms = masculine singular, feminine singular, masculine plural, feminine plural.

    Examples: petit, petite, petits, petites
    actif, active, actifs, actives
    heureux, heureuse, heureux, heureuses
    cher, chère, chers, chères
    gris, grise, gris, grises
    riche, riche, riches, riches

    The feminine singular of asjectives is regularly formed by adding -e to the masculine singular. If the masculine already ends in mute "e," the feminine is the same (riche, riche)

    The plural is regularly formed by adding -s to the masculine or feminine singular. If the masculine singular ends in "s" or "x," the masculine plural is the same (gris, gris; heureux, heureux)

    The feminine of adjectives ending in "x" o r "f" or "er" is formed by changing "x" to "se," "f" to "ve," and "er" to ère (heureux, heureuse; actif, active; cher, chère.

    Like anything else, this will make more sense as you practice!


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  4. Merci!

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  5. de rien; c'est mon plaisir!

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