How did different groups view the federal government?

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asked by Meghan
  1. When? Where?

  2. It says in the 20th century. But I don't know what groups they're referring to.
    Does it mean minority groups, or like Republicans/Democrats?

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    posted by Meghan
  3. Oh my! I can't even guess. Are the different groups African-Americans, blacks, college educated, unemployed, rural, urban, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, poor, rich, middle class, conservative, liberal??

  4. I don't know the question wasn't specific. So I just wrote in my essay As part of the laissez faire policy, Calvin Coolidge tried to make the federal government smaller. He believed the best that the government could do, was not to interfere with the growth of business. I also added how democrats wanted higher taxes so the government could fund more social programs for citizens and I wrote about Republicans. And I wrote about some other President view's on it. Is that good

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    posted by Meghan
  5. Yes. Thank you for posting your entire assignment.

  6. Whats wrong ?

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    posted by Meghan
  7. Your answer is fine.

  8. Oh I couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic or serious. History confuses me I am sorry ! Its just usually in a question it asks specifically what groups that's why it threw me off

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    posted by Meghan
  9. I wasn't being sarcastic. When you identified Calvin Coolidge and laissez faire as the basis of the question, it helped me a lot.

  10. Oh okay, thank you for checking my answer. I think I am going to try to find out about some of the other groups you mentioned so I can add them as well!

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    posted by Meghan
  11. You're welcome.

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