the grasshopper fell into a hole that was 3 meters wide and 2 meters deep. the grasshopper himself was only 5 centimeters long. over the course of a day he managed to climb 1/4 of a meter. if he continues at this rate how long will it take him to climb out the hole?

A- 8 days
B- 16 days
C- 24 days

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asked by Lily
  1. thank you

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    posted by Lily
  2. can you please explain to me how it is 8 days so i can learn?

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    posted by Lily
  3. 1/4 meter in one day
    1/2 meter in two days
    3/4 meter in three days
    1 meter in four days


    Or -- 2/0.25 = 8

  4. Thank you so much!!!!

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    posted by Lily
  5. You're very welcome.

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