algebra 2

Sonia is selling her house through a real estate agent whose commission is 6% of the selling price. What should be the selling price so Sonia can get $84,600?

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asked by Kat
  1. 1.06 * 84,600 = ?

  2. 89,676
    but I thought I had to set up problem as an algebraic?

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    posted by Kat
  3. 0.96 x = 84,600
    x = 84,600/0.96
    x = $ 88,125 selling price

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    posted by Kat
  4. It should be 0.94x

  5. wait I think it would be 0.94 not 0.96 . the answer would be 90,000

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    posted by Kat
  6. Test out both answers.

    Take 0.06 of both numbers and see which one equals 84,600

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