Career Explorations - Please Check My Answer

Please help me with the following questions:

Nichole has been a police dispatcher who answers 911 calls. After working in this position in the police department for a while, she decides that she wants to become a police officer.

Nichole would like to change her

A. job pathway.

B. career cluster.

C. job.

D. career.

I think the answer is A. Is this correct?

Sandra takes a personal assessment that tells her she would be great in the Legal career cluster. What did Sandra most likely mark as her interests?

A. the justice system, supporting arguments, and researching topics

B. physical fitness, supporting arguments, and fixing broken items

C. leadership skills, working as a team, physical fitness

D. fixing broken items, researching topics, leadership skills

I think the answer is C. Is this correct?

Please help me by checking my answers. Any help is appreciated!!! :)

P.S. There may be either one more or two more.

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asked by Brady
  1. I disagree with your first answer. A career is "group of jobs that include similar responsibilities and tasks. - person can have different jobs in single career."

    I also disagree with your second answer. Why does she need physical fitness in a legal career?

  2. Would it actually be D for the first question?

    For the second question, would it be A? I was confused between the two, so I picked C because of what my notes said.

    There are basically two legal career clusters, so I picked C because of the second cluster. I just basically picked my answer off of what the second cluster was. Here's what my notes said:

    The Government and Public Administration Cluster:

    "Workers - create laws, regulate people & businesses, handle money, protect citizens, & communicate with other countries

    Gov. - system country uses to create laws, protect, organize, and regulate itself and its citizens

    Public administration - study & carrying out gov. policy

    Public - is all citizens of country"

    The Law, Public Safety, and Security Cluster:

    "focused on protecting public safety, protecting property, & upholding laws.

    workers - enforce laws, & pursue people and organizations that break laws - provide emergency services such as police, fire, and ambulance response - guard prisoners in jails - Some put themselves in danger to protect others"

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    posted by Brady
  3. 1. D -- No
    2. A -- Yes

  4. For 1, the only other answer that deals with career is B. So, that must be the correct answer. Would this finally be the correct one?

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    posted by Brady
  5. 1. C

  6. Ah man, I should have thought of it and understood it. Now that I think of it, if you are going to a different job in the same career, that must be a job change. So, really I should've seen it as the answer the whole time.

    I hate it when the answer is right in front of me in my notes, but then I can't think of the obvious correct answer.

    I'll have to do some things different, but altogether thank you Ms. Sue! :)

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    posted by Brady
  7. You're very welcome, Brady.

    Making and correcting mistakes is how we learn! :-)

  8. b and a corrct?

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