1. You are tasked to design a car park on the top floor of a condominium that can accommodate 10 cars, each car has a maximum mass of 2000 kg. The material you are using can withstand a pressure of 500 N/m^2. Calculate how large your park must be?

2. Cheryl filled a measuring cylinder with 30 cm^3 of H2O. When she dropped a piece of metal pipe of mass 50 g in to the water, it sank to the bottom and the water level rose to 95cm^3 graduation
a. What is the density of the metal pipe?
b. The metal pipe was removed from the liquid and cut carefully into two pieces of equal size. What is density of one such place?
c. Explain why it would not be possible for her to use the above method to determining the density of a piece of wood which floats in the liquid.

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asked by Mei

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