Science Check answers please

I put ** by the ones I thought correct

Which of the following statements best describes the characteristics of a hypothesis, one of the steps of the scientific method?

a)It is a possible answer to a scientific question ***

b) It is a scientific inquiry that cannot be tested

c)it is a fact
d) it is always true

You have just collected data and discover that the stopwatch you used is not working properly. Which of the following is the best course of action?
a) repeat the experiment using a stopwatch that functions correctly **
b)Base your conclusions on the data you collected with the broken stopwatch
c)change the data without repeating the experiment
d)abandon the experiment and explain to your teacher what happened

If a student wanted to design an experiment that uses sound scientific principles, which of the following should he or she not do?
a)start with a hypothesis
b)test more than one variable at a time
c)record data in a table ****
d)compare results with others

You want to know if iron will rust faster at higher temperatures. You conduct a series of experiments under different conditions, and you collect lots of information about your results. When you are finished, you can explain something that you've seen in all your results. Now you can write
a)an inquiry
b)a hypothesis
c)a theory ****
d) a law

which of the following representations shows how one variable changes in response to another variable?
b)line graphs ****
c)pie charts
d)complex systems

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  1. i need help with this

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  2. Here yah all go.
    1. A
    2. A
    3. B
    4. D
    5. B
    6. B
    7. C
    8. B
    9. C
    10. C
    11. B
    12. C
    13. C
    14. D
    Your welcome ;)

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  3. you will get a 50%

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  4. Ok wut, I know I’m here really late but wut, you post right after that you made them fail if they listened to you, wow lol

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  5. A

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  6. I might have to take one for the team

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  7. you will get a 50

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  8. three of the answers were incorect

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  9. i came here to check meh work but i dunno wich awsers are corect...........
    -_- helpp

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  10. @ 0 - 0 I AGREE

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