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TO: Sarah Thomas: Executive Event Planner
From: Kaliegh-Anne Peters, Medical Office Assistant
DATE: May 14, 2008
SUBJECT: Departmental Training Seminar

Thank you for your continued help with our hospital training program. From our prior conversation, I am confirming that DR Melanie Dobler will be our guest speaker for the one-day training seminar on June 28, 2008. I glad to know that you have been able to obtain Truman Room, which will easily accommodate the 40 people who will be attending.
The following is a list of what I still need to confirm with you.

Travel arrangements:
Dr Dobler is requesting that MS Stone from our company pick her up in a mid-sized car with a/c. Her plane is due to arrive at JFK airport at 11:00 am on June 28, 2008.

Requisition items:
A computer and screen for our PowerPoint presentation
15 tables and 40 chairs
45 photocopies of our training manuals.

We are having a causal lunch which includes five meat and cheese platters that we would like delivered at 12 noon from Donnas’ Deli. A variety of soft drinks and bottled water are also needed. A dessert platter would be great to accommodate our two breaks.

Please feel free to call me at (518) 555-5555 ext. 567, if you have any questions.

Kaleigh-Anne Peters

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  1. Someone who is a doctor (of medicine or law or philosophy or whatever) is referred to as Dr. -- not DR nor Dr -- similar problems in here with MS

    "I am glad to know..."

    I think you mean "casual" not "causal." Believe me, they're very different words!

    "A variety of soft drinks and bottled water is..."
    (The word "variety" is singular; it's the subject; therefore the verb needs to be singular, too.)

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