Chem II

What mass of ethanol must be added to 10.0L of water to five a solution that freezes at -10.0 degrees C. Assume the density of water is q.00 g/mL. Kf of water is 1.86 degrees C/m.

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  1. You made a typo on the density of water in your post. Also, I don't understand the expression "to FIVE a solution that". I assume FIVE should be FIND.
    delta T = Kf*molality
    delta T = -10
    Kf you know.
    Solve for molality
    definition of molality = mol/kg solvent.
    You know molality and kg solvent, solve for mol ethanol.
    Then mol ethanol = g/molar mass.
    You know mol and molar mass. Solve for grams.

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