Hi I need help with 5 questions..some of it is confusing to me. I just want to make sure my answers are right.

1.6^-7 x 6^4
6^-3 ; 6^-11 ; 6^-28 ; 6^11 - my answer is 6^-3
2. 7/ 7^5 = 7^-2 (supposed to find the missing value which is the other exponent on top of the 7 that's alone). 7; 3; -3; -7 - my answer is -3
3. (2^-5)______ = 2^-15 (there are no answer choices) my answer is 5
4. 5^-6 x 5^2/ 5^-8
5^-20 ; 5^-12 ; 5^4 ; 5^-4 - My answer is 5^-12
5. 8^-5/ (8^-7)^2 = 8 ____ (theres no answer choices, but I was really stuck on this one & I don't have a answer.)
Please Help! Thanks .

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asked by Anonymous
  1. #1. correct

    #2. no, you need 7^3/7^5 = 7^-2 , so your choice would be the exponent +3

    #3. 2^-5 = 1/2^5 = 1/32

    5^-6 x 5^2 / 5^-8
    = 5^-4 / 5^-8 = 5^4

    8^-5 / (8^-7)^2
    = 8^-5 / 8^-14
    = 8^9

    mmmh, one correct out of 5, looks like some review of multiplying and dividing powers of the same base is really necessary.

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    posted by Reiny

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