integrated algebra

i have this question and i kinda know how to do it but i'm not entirelly sure.

here's the problem

x-5/4 = x+5/x+2

if you can help great and thank you

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  1. Please use parentheses to rewrite your problem. For example, x-(5/4) = x+(5/x) + 2 or whatever; otherwise, we can't tall what is in the numerator and whatr is in the denominator.

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  2. x-5 x+5
    ___ = ___
    4 x+2

    First you want to cross multiply
    (x-5)(x+2) = 4(x+5)
    Then use FOIL on the left hand side, and distribute the 4 on the right hand side

    to get X(squared)-3x -10 on the left
    = 4x+20 on the right

    subtract the 4x+20 on the right and left side

    you get x(squared) -7x -30 =0

    now find the roots of this equation
    x=10 and x=-3

    Those are the solutions for x

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