For each piecewise function, find the specified function values.
g(x)={x+4, for x<1
{8-x, for x>1
g(-4),g(0),g(1), and g(3)

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  1. What does the "{" mean in g(x)={x+4 and {8-x ?

    It looks like g(1)is undefined.

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  2. as noted by drwls, one of your inequality signs should have been ≥ or ≤
    As it stands, for x=1 the function is not defined.

    when x = -4 or 0 use g(x) = x+4
    when x = 3 use g(x) = 8-x

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  3. For the piecewise function, find the values g(-8), 8(3), and g(8).

    g(x)={X+6,FOR X<=3
    7-x, for x>3

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