not working

how am i supposed to show you the problem i have if your site wont allow websites to be used in questions?

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  1. You type it in. Rarely do you need a web site to state your problem.

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  2. no it is the jiskah website. i have a picture of my math problem and i made it into a link so that it would be easier for the tutors to solve but this website is lame and wont allow links to be used in questions

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  3. Another way around the website problem is to copy and paste the website and then leave a few spaces between the letters and symbols.

    Here's how one creative student did it this afternoon:


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    Ms. Sue
  4. Ms Sue has the idea. But the website isn't lame. The web master has designed the boards not to accept links. It's a security thing to make the board safe for students. That's also the reason you see us posting a message to students saying not to reveal identifying information.

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