Pico la cebolla?
No, no la


Please help me- these will not translate

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. When you look in a dictionary for the meaning, you will just find the infinitive:
    picar = to prick, pierce, puncture; sting; bite; burn; peck; le; pit, pock; mince, chop up, cut up; stick, poke, spur; goad; perforate; crack (as ice); harass, pursue; tame; pique, annoy. ALL those meanings, depending upon the context, or exactly how the word is used.

    piques = Present Subjunctive, tú form
    picas = Present Indicative, tú form
    pica = either a tú affirmative command OR 3rd person singular, Present Indicative
    piqué = yo form of the Preterit

    ¿Pico la cebolla? is asling "Do I cut the onion up? If you wish to say no, plus a command to someone to NOT do that = no, no la piques (tú command) or no la pique (formal command).


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