A science teacher was curious to see whether offering money for good grades would increase student peformance on a test. The teacher offered half of the students in the class $5.00 if they got an A on their next test. The other half of the class was not offered any money. What is the independent variable in this experiment?
A. The number of questions on the test
B. The number of students in the class
C. The student's grade on the test
D. The amount of money offered

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  1. Please anyone??

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  2. The independent variable is the amount of money offered, which in this case takes on only two values, $0 and $5.

    Evidently other experiments could be carried out to have varied incentives, assuming the teacher keeps the job long enough to do further experiments.

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  3. Thanks :)

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  4. You're welcome! :)

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  5. so a,b,c,d ? like which is it I'm confused lolll

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  6. my head hurts

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  7. guys the answer is D

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