Teaching in Early childhood progras

1)When children rely on outside controls to guide their actions, they're operating at the _______ level of
A. adherence
B. amoral
C. internalization
D. identification

2)Which statement most accurately describes the Developmentally Appropriate Practices guidelines?
A. A symposium of international educational institutions collaborated on the document to ensure that children would be ready for
B. It's a document that prescribes specific activities that teachers should use with children of different ages.
C. Local school systems collaborated on the document to ensure that children would be ready for school.
D. It's an evolving document that reflects the best research and thinking in the early childhood field.

1) my answer is a.
2) d.

asked by Eva
  1. 1. d
    2. d

    posted by Jodie
  2. are you sure

    posted by Eva
  3. I am sure :)

    posted by Jodie

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