Je commencerai aussitot que tu arrivera.

I get the first part is I will start as soon as....but why for arriver, you need to use le future simple?

"I will start as soon as you will arrive"?

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  1. You need the future tense because the action of arriving will happen in the future. It's not happening now, is it?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. For the futur simple, it will be aller + infinitive. Yes, you can use the true futur, if you have studied it = je commencerai aussitôt que (OR dès que) tu arriveras (vous arriverez). You can use the futur simple = je vais commencer, BUT after aussitôt que OR dès que, if the action refers to the future (as this does), French uses the future or, less frequently, the future perfect. In all other cases, the tense used after these conjunctions is similar to the English tense.

    Perhaps you misunderstood where the futur simple was to be used?


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  3. P.S. Sorry, futur proche is aller + infinitive! Futur simple is also called the Future Indicative.


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