Chem II

Whih of the following liquids would make a good solvent for iodine?


How do you determine what will make a good solvent for something

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  1. You look at the solvent and see if it is polar. Same for solute. Remember the rule that like dissolves like. I2 is mostly non-polar (it is instantaneous dipole/induced dipole) so HCl and H2O would not be good solvents. CS2 is a linear molecule and non-polar. Both NH3 and CH3OH are polar but much less so than HCl and H2O. I would think I2 is most soluble in carbon disulfide. Check my thinking.

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  2. cs2

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  3. obviously bro

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  4. Ethanol (an alcohol) is a good solvent for iodine

    Ethanol + iodine = iodine tincture

    The best answer there is methanol CH3OH

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