A superhero is running toward a skyscraper to stop a villain from getting away. As he is moving, he looks up at the top of the building and his line of sight makes a 33.0° angle with the ground. After having moved 300 m, he looks at the top of the building again, and notices that his line of sight makes a 52.0° angle with the horizontal. How tall is the skyscraper?

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asked by jaime
  1. draw picture
    get angles in first triangle
    180 - 52 = 128

    180 -128 - 33 = 19 which is angle opposite the 300

    then law of sines
    sin 19/300 = sin 33/second slope up
    second slope = 300 (sin 33 / sin 19)
    = 502 meters

    then right triangle
    sin 52 = h/502
    h = 395 meters
    four football fields high !!!

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    posted by Damon

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