2) A child sits on a merry-go-round, 1.5 meters from the center. The merry-go-round is turning at a constant rate, and the child is observed to have a radial acceleration of 2.3m/s^2. How long does it take for the merry-go-round to make one revolution?

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  1. Circumference=pi * 2r = 3.14 * 3=9.42 m.

    d = 0.5a*t^2 = 9.42
    0.5*2.3*t^2 = 9.42
    1.15t^2 = 9.42
    t^2 = 8.19
    t = 2.86 s.

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  2. radial acceleration=w^2*radius

    but w=2PI/period

    and we want period.

    2.3=(2pi/T)^2 * 1.5
    solve for T

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  3. 8.8

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