200 individuals were surveyed about the mall they
visited during last week. The results were 126 visited Gore Mall, 108 visited
Maple Mall, 97 visited Tunderbay Mall, 64 visited Gore Mall and Maple Mall, 58 visited Gore Mall and Tunderbay Mall, 50 visited Tunderbay Mall and Maple Mall, and 36 visited all three. Draw a Venn diagram and use that to answer the following questions.
(a) How many individuals only visited Gore Mall?
(b) How many individuals did not visit Tunderbay Mall?
(c) How many individuals visited Gore Mall or Maple Mall?
(d) How many individuals did not visit any of the malls?

Can anyone please help me solve this? Thank You

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  1. Draw the Venn diagram. Then fit the data. For instance, if 126 visited Gore, and 64 of those who also visited Maple, and 58 visited Gore and Tunderbay, then 126-64-58 must have visited Gore alone. Do this for the others.

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