policy making, help please

Gun Control
ISSUE: Permit individuals to buy and use guns given the proper training and knowledge about guns.

I have to come up with two strategies and Under each, I have to explain how I would apply it to your issue.

My first strategy is the cange issue position of people against it so that they agree with me at the end. in order for me to d that, i have to make promises, and use arguments that are symbolic.

do you have an idea of what arguments or promises i can make, like a catchy phrase?

My 2nd strategy is to raise salience(power) by distributing information about the issue.

what are good ideas that I can do. i came up with making pamplets and giving them out in front of a store or something.

any more ideas

asked by jen
  1. What arguments have you thought of?

    Why should people own guns? If you post your ideas, we can help you go from there.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. some arguments i came up with were that people have a right to defend them selves if a situation ever occurs.

    if people are worried about criminals buying guns, i say that criminals are dangerous no matter what.

    Also, to get support from anti-gun groups, i plan on saying that before owners sell guns to civilians, they have to check for id, and proof that they took classes for training in order to purchase one.

    posted by jen
  3. Those arguments look good. One catch phrase that's been used a lot is: "People, not guns, kill people."

    I suggest you also use the Second Amendment of the Constitution as part of argument.

    I also suggest you go into more detail about how you'll get private owners to check for i.d. and proof that the buyers of guns have taken classes. How will that be enforced?

    posted by Ms. Sue

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