Find the force a 67.5 kg man would experience while standing in the surface of each of the following planets

for earth 5.98 x 10^24 kg
for mars 6.34 x 10 ^23 kg
for pluto 5 x 10^23 kg

distance for planet 6.337 x 10^6 m
distance for mars 3.43 x 10^6 m
distance for pluto 4 x 10^5 m

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  1. F = G M1 M2 / d^2
    where G = 6.67*10-11 N m^2/kg^2

    I think you mean radius for distance
    radius of earth = 6.38*10^6 meters

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  3. can u teach me how to solve damon?

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  4. for earth for example

    F = G M1 M2 /r^2

    = (6.67*10^-11)(5.98*10^24)(67.5)/ (6.38*10^6 )^2

    = 66.14 * 10^ 1 = 661 Newtons

    that better be pretty close to m g
    67.5*9.81 = 662 Newtons

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  5. how become 6.38*10^6? given is 6.337 x10^6?

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  6. Because I believe that is the correct value for radius of the earth.

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