the weight of 4 boxes together is 66.5kg.the weight of box B is 2kg less than box A.and the weight of box C is 1.5kg more than box A.if the weight of box D is 1.5kg more than box C.find the weight of each box

asked by cbse 8th
  1. look at what we have:

    a+b+c+d = 66.5
    b = a-2
    c = a+1.5
    d = c+1.5

    Start substituting:

    a+(a-2)+(a+1.5)+((a+1.5)+1.5) = 66.5

    posted by Steve
  2. b = a-2
    c = a+1.5
    d = c+1.5 = a+1.5 + 1.5 = a+3

    a+b+c+d = 66.5
    a + a-2 + a+1.5 + a+3 = 66.5
    4a = 64
    a= 16

    box A = 16
    box B = 14
    box C = 17.5
    box D = 19

    sum = 66.5
    All is good.

    posted by Reiny

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